Business I.T. Support

We provide on-site, remote and over-the-phone IT support services on an ongoing, project-based or casual basis.

A key advantage of working with ICTSpace is that we have the technical expertise to deliver fully supported and integrated IT services, and we are lean enough to do it cost-effectively and within tight time frames.

We understand that sometimes goalposts can change, especially with IT projects. New technologies come into play, people move on and organisational priorities change. We have the flexibility to change course as the needs of our clients and projects change, and the expertise to steer your organisation through whatever technology challenges may arise.

At ICTSpace, we work within your organisation as part of your IT team, and can also deliver services remotely or over the phone. We offer long-term, project-based and casual support at competitive rates. Get in touch to learn more.


Our core support services

  • Desktop support
  • Network / server support
  • VoIP support
  • Security audit, reporting and review (including fixing issues that need to be addressed)

Managed Solutions

We offer a range of fully managed IT solutions including prepaid support, project-based support and full support.

Our full support packages have additional benefits such as after-hours support, vendor management and asset management, and are backed up by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Network solutions

Network architecture and reliability are key to your organisation’s ability to communicate. We manage security, firewalls, LAN/WAN and wireless services, routers and much more.

Keeping your people connected with colleagues, customers and stakeholders is critical. So too is ensuring reliable and secure network capabilities, which can have a big impact on the productivity of your workforce and the cost of doing business.

We provide a range of network solutions designed around reliability, security, cost efficiencies, productivity and scalability.

For technical buffs, our network solutions include:

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP) – (Used by servers or Routers to provide IP addresses) We can create new scopes, extend or migrate
  • DMZ (Isolated Network) – Create, Modify and set up firewall rules
  • WAN – Internet, ADSL, SHDSL, EFM, Fibre, DUAL WAN, WAN, Fail-over
  • DNS – Internal DNS, Split DNS and Public DNS
  • Firewall – Software and hardware based
  • Voice Traffic segmentation and isolating traffic
  • LAN – Simple network setup on a local area network
  • Proxy – Protecting your Internet access
  • QOS – Quality of Service
  • Remote Access – Secure VPN access to your network
  • Routers – Setting up and maintaining Internal Routers, WAN Routers, Multiple WAN Routers
  • Site to site connections between your offices
  • Switches – Standard, VLAN setup, POE Switches
  • VLAN – Network segmentation
  • Wifi – Enterprise level secure wifi and guest internet portal management

Server solutions

We’ll keep your server running optimum capacity and take care of backups, disk usage and memory. We have expertise across a range of server platforms so let us manage this one for you.

Keeping the servers that power your organisation’s IT capability running efficiently, reliably and securely is a big job. So too is ensuring your IT infrastructure is scalable so it can keep up with your organisation as it grows, and can handle the workflow demands your people will place on it as they help make that happen.

Whether your organisation relies on an in-house server or a cloud-based solution, we can help you set up, upgrade or migrate to a new system, and can also provide fully managed support for your current arrangement.


Our range of server solutions includes the following:

  • Virtualisation
  • Fail over clustering
  • SAN configuration
  • Virtual network setup
  • Exchange servers – in-house or cloud-based
  • SPAM filtering
  • File servers
  • Print servers
  • Domain controllers
  • Web server – in-house or cloud-based
  • Firewall rules configurations
  • SQL server database server
  • Public cloud-based servers (AWS or Azure)
  • Storage support
  • SAN, NAS and cloud-based storage