Microsoft 365

We'll manage Microsoft 365 for you

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that will revolutionise the way your organisation does business. It not only gives your workforce access to the entire Microsoft Office suite of applications from any device and any location, it also reduces the cost of managing your IT budget and improves cash flow.

How can Microsoft 365 benefit your organisation?

Microsoft 365 enhances productivity and gives your people access to their files wherever they are and from any device. Because Microsoft 365 is hosted in the cloud, your workforce will always have the latest version of Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook at their fingertips – no more uninstalling and reinstalling Office onto everyone's PC whenever an update is released.

Collaborating with colleagues and external project teams has never been easier. Microsoft 365 ensures team members always have access to the latest versions of their documents, spreadsheets and presentations (with their edits visible to the rest of the team in real-time). This puts an end to the inefficient practice of sharing superseded versions of files via email or local area networks.

There are also benefits for your IT budget. Being a subscription service means you'll notice a dramatic reduction in your IT expenditure with the total cost of usage for your workforce being spread out on a month by month basis – eliminating the need for large upfront payments, inflexible licencing agreements and inbuilt redundancy. Plus, because its cloud-based, Microsoft 365 reduces your organisation's dependence on internal server storage.



Why choose ICTSpace to manage your Microsoft 365 service?

ICTSpace specialise in managing Microsoft 365 Business Plans which are suited to small and mid-sized businesses with up to 300 users. We'll set up the subscription for you for the same price you'd pay if you went straight to Microsoft.

The benefits of choosing ICTSpace to manage your Microsoft 365 Business Plan include:

  • We provide local, Melbourne-based 24/7 support – over the phone, online or at your workplace.
  • We ensure the highest standards of security and data integrity are maintained.
  • We manage your user credentials, setup and permissions, and provide training to your people.
  • We charge the same subscription fee as Microsoft, plus we include a range of benefits.

What's included in an ICTSpace managed Microsoft 365 Business Plan?

  • 24/7 support for your workforce
  • Access to essential cloud services including email and calendars, Microsoft Office Online, Instant Messenger (IM), online meetings, video conferencing, cloud storage, file sharing and more.
  • A simple sign in process for your people so they can start enjoying the features of Office 365.
  • Web hosting, data security, document storage and backups are all managed by Microsoft.