Benefits of Moving To The
Cloud Phone System

At 3CX we bring to you the exceptional service of the cloud phone system. The virtual phone systems have become an essential part of the businesses due to the numerous features and benefits it offers. If you are looking for moving your business communication solutions to the cloud-based phone systems our proficient team at 3CX can help you with which cloud-based phone system is best for youbusiness. 

From small businesses to average-sized ventures, the integration of a cloud phone system can assist in extending the IT resources that are limited because of the fact that the application is either managed or hosted by a third party. We provide the facility of integrating cloud phone systems ensuring the quality service and catering to your maximum satisfaction. 

There are a lot more benefits of a cloud phone system. If you are looking forward to moving towards cloud system phones here is why they are helpful. 


Cloud-based telephone systems are a lot less expensive than on-premises traditional phones. Since cloud telephone systems depend on your internet that is why they are lower in cost. It is also observed that modern VoIP lowers the bill up to 60%.  

Easy to Use  

The present work environment is progressively mobile, and independent companies like small businesses particularly need the option to work from different locations. With a cloud phone system, the employees of the small businesses include the features that let them sign in from anyplace. 

Scalability & Flexibility  

As a business develops, so does the need to enlist new employees, open new workplaces and make new clients. This requires a communication system that can scale up or down as the need emerges. With a cloud-phone system, organizations can add however many extensions as they need to increase call volume, or, if essential, just bring in to deactivate these additional extensions. In contrast to conventional systems, organizations just need to pay for the extensions they need no matter how long they need them.  

Cloud Phone System Features 

If you are willing to make the communication seamless in a cost-effective way that can benefit the productivity level as well, cloud phone systems are one of the key ways. Therefore, you can get yours done by 3CX providing top-notch services by the experts. We offer multiple features making sure to maximize your experience. 

Advanced voicemail

Get notifications for your new voicemails, forward, listen, or download them with ease. 

Call routing

Conference call anyone using the application, transfer, or direct inbound calls to your team. 

Call forwarding

You can forward the calls to any desk phone or mobile phone. 

Video conferencing

In case you are away from the office phone you can use the HD video conferencing tool to connect to the team members. 

Toll-free numbers

Your business is provided with a toll-free number that lets your customers reach to you without any extra toll charges. 

Optional - Call recording

The cloud based phone system records allows for the call without using any hardware.  

Auto Attendant

You get the menu system to offer to the callers for guidance and support. 

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